Ejaculation Disorders

1. Premature ejaculation
2. Delayed ejaculationEjaculation Disorders

Although many men feel privileged of delayed ejaculation, this is a type of disorder. The main reason that may lead to its appearance is men’s psychology. Other causes include iatrogenic damage of penile nerves during surgery in the pelvis and the spine, drugs intake that cause delayed ejaculation as well as damage to the nervous system after injury.

3. Retrogade ejaculation

Patients complain of dry orgasm.
Main causes of retrograde ejaculation include:

  • Drugs’ intake which influences the occlusion of the bladder neck, e.g. a-blockers.
  • Surgical procedures such as urinary TURP and remove 01-02 sympathetic nerves.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Diabetes mellitus.

Proposed treatment depends on the main cause of the disorder. In drugs’ prescription that may cause retrograde ejaculation, urologist should inform patients about “dry orgasm” affect so as to not to be worried and anxious.

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