Alexandros Lekas, MD , PhD, FEBU
Infertility MD , PhD, FEBU
Erectile Dysfunction
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Andrology is concerned with the health of men, especially with diseases related to the reproductive system and diseases of the urological system.


Infertility affects almost 15% of couples. It may occur due to both man and woman. Its causes may be congenital or acquired.

Alexandros Lekas, MD, PhD, FEBU
Surgeon Andrologist – Urologist

Surgeon Andrologist Urologist Lekas Alexandros completed his bachelor studies with an honorable degree (10). In the military, he served as a medical officer in Lesvos and in the Military School of Evelpidon.
He worked at the “Tzaneio” Hospital at the clinics of Pathology, Surgery and Cardiology and subsequently served as a rural doctor at the PI. Poros.
He was then trained at the Surgical Clinic of the 7th IKA Hospital. For two years he was trained in the Surgical Professor by the Vascular Surgeon, Dr.Verikocos Christos. He then worked in the Urology Clinic of PGN Nikaia.

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Excellent urologist! I was tortured for a long time and with a lot of doctors until mr.Lekas took over and finally gave a definitive solution to my problem! He has a great experience and modern equipment. I recommend him unreservedly!

Marilia L.

Excellent urologist! I visited mr. Lekas last week. He was a friendly, understanding but also very serious scientist. I thank him for everything.

Pantelis K.

Very good andrologist, friendly environment and excellent equipment! Definitely a doctor who deserves recommendation to anyone who has a problem.

George F.

Outstanding Doctor! Latest technology machines in his medical office. Very friendly and analytic. He gave me valuable advice.

Nikos P.

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