Male Anorgasmia

Orgasmic disorder is the persistent or recurrent delayed (or lack of) ejaculation that follows a perfectly normal phase stimulation during intercourse.MALE ANORGASMIA

In DSM-IV-TR, male difficulty to ejaculate is classified into orgasm disorders. It is often referred as hindered or delayed ejaculation, meaning that the man ejaculates with great difficulty, during intercourse. The man with primary orgasmic disorder, has never managed to ejaculate during intercourse.

The disorder is diagnosed as “secondary” when the man manages to ejaculate some times without apparent difficulty. Some researchers believe that it is necessary to distinguish between orgasm and ejaculation, especially for men who ejaculate. However, little or no underlying sense of pleasure is reported during orgasmic function (orgasmic anhedonia).

Orgasmic disorder is in sufficiently lower frequency relative to that of premature ejaculation.

According to the diagnostic criteria, male orgasmic disorder is divided into:

-> Primary;

-> Secondary;

It may be:

-> Generalized;

-> Selective;

May be due to:

-> Psychogenic factors;

-> Combination psychogenic and organic factors;

A strict religious upbringing and a conservative family environment may contribute to a distortive perception about sex and genitals, while the belief that sex is sinful or that their genitals are dirty may be favored. There may also be unconscious conflicts and desires that result in orgasmic difficulty.

Men with this disorder are likely to face greater proximity difficulties, which are not limited to their sexual relations. It is equally important to remember that in lasting love relationship, secondary orgasmic disorder may reflect interpersonal difficulties, and may be the management way of real or imaginary relationship changes, such as the desire for pregnancy. Secondary orgasmic disorder may also be due to relationship plans for which a man may feel ambivalent, loss of sexual interest for his partner or even partner’s demands for greater commitment.

In some cases, man’s inability to ejaculate, is the result of unconscious hostility towards the female partner.

Male orgasmic disorder treatment requires collaboration of an expertised urologist-andrology professional with a mental health professional. Thus, detection of all possible parameters that may congregate the disorder will be allowed. Combined therapy will lead to better treatment and cure.