Usually this tactic is reached which unfortunately is transient. Next are the treatment option with anesthetic ointments. Their use is done by placing a small amount of cream to the glans and spreads this 20-30 min before sexual intercourse.PREMATURE EJACULATION

The treatment of the disease begins with a guide to sexual exercises and games, targeting, as far as practicable in the cerebral control of a man who learns to hold his ejaculation as long as he wishes he and his partner.

The cream causes a reduction of the sensation to the glans, where the nerve endings and therefore leads to reduced irritability and therefore longer time to ejaculation. Most of the patients reported significant improvement of the problem and choose this tactic.

If the result is not satisfactory with the above then selected the use of inhibitors of serotonin after it is proven that serotonin plays an important role in the ejaculate. These drugs act on the central nervous system and are intended to “suspend” the operation of certain brain centers and to extend the period of ejaculation.

The action starts a few days after the start of treatment and is most evident one to two weeks after. The big problem with this tactic is that one of the drugs that should be taken daily, it is unfortunate complication and on the other that once treatment is discontinued, the patient returns to pre-treatment status.

This problem seems to be solved by a new formulation which is already on the outside and containing the active substance “ntapoxetini”.

This substance is an inhibitor of serotonin and unlike with the above drugs, is it given a few hours before intercourse and works without the need of daily administration.

The results so far from large series show that this is a very safe drug with very good results, without the complications of chronic downloaded. Also worth noting that the treatment used and phosphodiesterase inhibitors with logic that improving erection in some patients can be corrected premature ejaculation, as well as a-blockers.

It is important to note that treatment should always include as an integral and necessary part of the psychological support and encouragement to the patient since without it is certain failure.

Note that this condition greatly affects the quality of life of the man and his partner and only these two together and with the help of andrology and psychologist will be able to solve the problem.

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