Genital organs’ plastic surgery

In recent years more and more men and women undergo cosmetic surgery of the genitals. Better information of this type of surgery helped to problem solving methods, which were considered taboo until recently and led to antisocial behavior and decreased self-esteem.GENITAL ORGANS’ PLASTIC SURGERY

These surgical interventions are sometimes used for purely aesthetic (without underlying anatomical specificity), but often to correct congenital, traumatic or after surgery abnormalities.

The most popular procedure in men includes the various forms of phalloplasty.


-> Solution of penile suspenders’ ligament and mobilization of “buried” penis, with or without concomitant mobilization of the skin of the scalp, with the art Y-V.

-> Use of materials for increasing the volume (perimeter) of the penis, with newer data using “biodegradable scaffolds” (cell culture of the patient and into specially treated absorbable material).

-> Use penile prosthesis (see erectile dysfunction).

-> Use flaps adjacent areas, with recent data using segment latissimus dorsi muscle with vascularisation. (Lattissimus dorsis flap with vascular pedicles).

Popular surgeries in women, include vaginal plastic surgery and vulvo plastic surgery. Sex change consists a special category of surgery.


-> Desire of the patient, after a detailed briefing.

-> Most often multidisciplinary.

-> Psychiatric evaluation.

-> Especially in sex change, long-term psychiatric care, and possible hormonal manipulations along with individual corrective cosmetic procedures in the rest of the body.

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